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The Last Saturn V Moon Rocket

The Last Saturn V Moon Rocket

In the year 2000, It had been 31 years since man set foot on the moon and returned home to earth. I am now 33 years old. 34 by the time July 20th comes around.

I have been alive longer than the number of years passed since the moon landing when I turned 18. As it turns out, 3 decades is both an eon, and a mere heartbeat.

… and while we originally went to the moon for the most ridiculous, nay, stupid reasons, it’s time that we went there again just because it’s the right thing to do. If we went there as a pissing competition in 1969, we can sure as hell go there out of exploration, scientific curiosity, and the satisfaction of the indomitable human spirit now.

international-space-station-67647_960_720The technology has moved on since we went there with less computing power than a simple office calculator. Materials science has moved on since we designed the first space suits… the first LAM… first the Saturn V rocket and then the now retired space shuttle. Hell, even the Cold War came to an end (and we possibly even started a new one!). We now even have a goddamn SPACE STATION between us and the moon, and it’s not even the first one we’ve had up there!

Come on guys… it’s time we went back to the goddamn moon!