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British Legion Poppy AppealRemembrance day… that day after World War 1 when everybody collectively thought “Fuck! So many lost! … lest we forget; never again.”

OK… maybe they didn’t use the expletive. My point is… these days, increasingly, the “never again” bit doesn’t really seem to factor. Politicians over the years have twisted it to support their own ends. It’s true that you blame the politician, not the soldier, but what’s happened to remembrance day over the years has made it hard to make the distinction, and, at times, just as hard to make the distinction between this anti-war commemoration and national day of remembrance and mourning, and a statement of “Fuck yeah! Ain’t the army cool, and unquestionably right in everything they do, because our troops are heros so we shouldn’t criticise what they’re asked to do… war is fought by heros. HERO’s dammit! It’s heroic, is these ‘dem wars, not sad like the two big ones all that time ago”

I’ll stick some change in the poppy appeal box because I support the legion… and hell, the legion have supported me before now… but I’ll be damned if I’m wearing a poppy. I refuse to be associated with the bastardisation of remembrance day, and I’ll mark it personally and privately in my own way, at the appropriate time.

… and that’s the thing with remembrance – it CAN be done privately, even through a national day. And as the politicians stand there with their poppies, I’ll be remembering their sometimes face saving, sometimes politically self serving, and sometimes ego-satisfying decisions in their wartime political adventures far from the front line killing our troops.

Does anybody remember the last time we had a PM who DIDN’T hold office while we were sending our troops into some war in some far off land?

Don’t forget remembrance day… Observe it. Really remember. Feel. Look at the bigger picture. Most of all, this time around, remember, or at least, try to remember the sentiment, devastation, and utter horror of your nation in 1918, when there was almost nobody that didn’t have to live in the knowledge that someone close to them was gone forever, having died in horrific ways, and in horrific conditions, and when their government simply wouldn’t get off their damn laurels to help build memorials to the fallen…. when every town and village saw individuals chip in what they could to a fund to provide a focal point to remember those they’d lost. This time around, remember that.